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In 2016, I created over 40 detailed and entertaining articles about Chinese history, in 2017, I seek to do three times as much as that in a constant, prolific progress.

☯ ☯  In 2017- I aim to do better with your help  ☯ ☯
YOU CAN FIND MY PATREON PAGE HERE You can find examples of my work in regards to the Ming Imperial Guards, Tang Dynasty Cavalry, Song Dynasty Armor, Han Dynasty Army,  Japanese Invasion of Korea, and Admiral Yi here.

If every one of you would support me with only $5 per month, I would have enough to get the deathball of entertainment lessons rolling, and any more beyond the amount, I'd be more than happy to talk to you personally about whatever topic you are interested in. A detailed analysis of Han Army vs Roman Army? HRE Army vs Ming Army? A further dissection of the Japanese Invasion of Korea? Organization of the Qin Army? Mongolian tactics? Le Loi? Admiral Yi (More on Yi, Yay)? I'd be more than happy to talk about it.

All those 5s in AP World History, AP E…

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